Road safety equipment, comprising items like traffic cones, reflective jackets, and safety helmets, is a critical component in safeguarding individuals on our roads. These essential tools are designed to enhance visibility, designate hazards, and ensure the well-being of both workers and pedestrians in various traffic scenarios. Reflective jackets and safety helmets offer protection to those working in construction zones or near roadways, while traffic cones serve as versatile markers for redirecting traffic and delineating work areas.

At Silicon Traffic, we prioritize road safety, this page highlights these vital products designed to create safer road environments. Whether you’re a construction crew ensuring a secure work zone, a traffic management authority looking to enhance road safety, or an individual seeking to stay safe on the road, our road safety equipment selection is tailored to meet diverse traffic management needs.


Traffic cones are a fundamental component of road safety equipment, serving as versatile markers for a wide range of traffic management applications. These highly visible cones are designed to alert motorists and pedestrians to specific areas and hazards on the road. They are commonly used to redirect traffic, designate temporary work zones, and indicate potential dangers.


Reflective jackets are an essential piece of road safety equipment designed to significantly enhance the visibility and safety of individuals working on or near roadways. These specially crafted jackets are not only functional but also a vital protective layer for those involved in traffic management, construction, or any task that exposes them to potential road hazards.


Safety helmets are an indispensable component of road safety equipment, offering essential protection for individuals working in construction zones, maintenance crews, and those engaged in activities that expose them to potential head injuries. These helmets are engineered with a paramount focus on safeguarding workers while ensuring comfort and functionality.

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